Ongoing Projects

The latest project Mahalaxmi Lotus is once again a marvel, located at Narendra Nagar, the fastest developing area in Nagpur the surrounding is an advantage which makes the project and location more distinct.

Upcoming Projects

Lanuching Soon.


Our Strength

A bird can live on its own and lead a normal life but for it to soar in the endless skies of destiny it needs those magnificent creations called as wings. Similarly in the flights of progress to reach our dreams we need wings, we seek partners who will flourish us in the skies of success.

More than quarter of a century ago, a dream was sown in the field of opportunity, this dream was watered with sweat of toil and determination, nurtured with dual elements of passion to excel and burning desire to exceed the customer's expectation. This dream has taken roots and has blossomed into a tree of, unmistakable trust, authentic quality and above all unmitigated tradition of creation.

This tree of creation is Mahalaxmi Realities, which has been spearheaded by two remarkable Individuals namely Pukhraj and Kishore Sancheti, who have built this organization from a non-entity to a name to reckon with, in the arena of real estate development. This tradition is now being carried forward by the heirs of this distinguished legacy Virendra and Akshay Sancheti.

At Mahalaxmi Realities, excellence is not just an aspiration, it's a culture and this tradition is religiously followed by everyone from the management team, employees to the consultants. We adhere to all the requisite quality measures and apply relevant technical expertise to ensure value for money for our customers. Along with customers, our devoted team of employees is our valued asset and they have ably assisted us in our onward march to progress. We have more than two decades of experience in this field and this voyage in the field of civil constructions has resulted in creation of bevy of landmarks dotted across the pulsating city of Nagpur. Till date, we have executed around staggering 1 million sq. ft. of construction and plans afoot to add another million that too, within a short span of time. Besides, we are all set for massive expansion not only in our core area of construction and real estate but also in other fields as well.

Mahalaxmi Realities has always valued the importance of partners and have entered into quite a few fruitful collaborations and Joint Ventures with renowned companies across different spheres of business but predominantly we have collaborated in realty sector, wherein we have created marvels such as 'Venezia' our prestigious project of luxury condominiums in Baner and Mahavir Residency in one of the most sought after locations of Salisbury Park. Our affiliations have crossed the seven seas to reach and collaborate with a German company Pleyma SCM Pvt. Ltd. to start our new operations in Supply chain management by the name of Yug Pleyma SCM Pvt. Ltd in India. By god's grace and infallible support of our customers, our ventures have consistently hit the bull's eye and garnered accolades and success beyond expectations. We also, would love to partner with individuals or organizations that are willing to share our passion in creating standards which are benchmarks of matchless excellence.